Meet the Team

We are Kristie and Nolan Wehe, and our interest in farming began nearly 10 years ago. Like many people, we were inspired by The Omnivore's Dilemma, Food, Inc., King Corn, and Joel Salatin. It started with changing the way that we eat, seeking out small farms who raised animals the way we thought they should be raised and making the switch to supporting organic agriculture.

As a child, Nolan helped with chores on his Grandparents farm; such as stacking hay in the barn and repairing the mineral feeder. Nolan has had a long and rewarding career in the IT industry, managing people and very large projects to success. His expertise in processes and schedule lends itself well to infrastructure planning and growing the business. His passion for the land and preserving natural resources, as well as his love for the outdoors, helps to make Nolan a natural at farming. He loves to learn, to read, and to meet people, which allows Mockingbird Farm to keep growing.

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As a teenager, Kristie’s family lived on a small farm to to feed themselves. They raised chickens, ducks, rabbits, and sheep, butchering all but the sheep to supplement the family’s small income in order to eat well. Her love for animals grew in learning about the symbiotic relationship of animals giving their lives for our nourishment. After a successful career in training and recruiting, she longed for something different than corporate life. After visiting many small farms to purchase beef, pork, lamb, turkey, and chicken from organic, pastured farms, Kristie began reading books by Allan Savory, Allan Nation, Greg Judy, Forrest Pritchard and the like. Moved to action by all these amazing farmers who write “just start doing it”, Kristie and Nolan began their search for property and settled in Paige, TX. Close to a growing sustainable food community in Elgin, Austin and even Houston and San Antonio, with fertile land diverse in woods, pastures, and creeks as well as forage, Paige is ideal for a small organic farm. There are multiple processors located nearby for beef, pork and even one for poultry. More and more people are becoming aware of and disenchanted by the industrial food system and understanding that local food is healthier and supports local economies.

Kristie and Nolan have formed many strong relationships with local farmers, as well as farmers across the nation to forge a large mentor network for assistance. They have successfully raised and marketed several litters of piglets in the last three years, as well as selling registered Murray Grey cattle. They have discovered multiple sources for organic or chemical-free hay, and have sourced bulk organic Texas grains for use in pig and poultry feed to reduce feed costs. It is Kristie's love of animals that led us to do things just a little bit differently. The Native Americans believe that in naming something, we confer respect, and that is why the animals of Mockingbird Farm are given names. In treating them with dignity, respect, and kindness, we believe that we are making the agricultural world, or at least our little corner of it, a better place for everyone. 

It is with a desire to provide healthful, affordable food choices that we raise pastured beef free of chemicals and organic pastured pork from carefully chosen heritage breeds that are fed locally milled and Texas-grown organic grains. Our laying hens (and hopefully soon-to-be meat birds) forage the pastures (free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides), cleaning up behind cows and pigs and supplemented with organic local grains as well. 

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