Mockingbird Farm


We have chosen primarily heritage breeds because they were around before industrial agriculture, and were raised to be a part of a homestead. They were bred and crossbred to thrive on what food was available and provide delicious meat, as well as for the fat that was so readily used once upon a time. 

Our pigs spend time in pastures and the heavily wooded parts of our property. They run, they play, they root and graze. They live in the sunshine and have fresh water all the time and wallows in the summer heat.

Our pigs are fed certified organic Texas wheat that’s lightly fermented and mixed with a certified organic soy-free and corn-free base. No artificial growth promoters, antibiotics, or chemicals!

Mockingbird Farm started because we wanted to raise really great meat a little differently. With love, respect, dignity, kindness, and care. That's why our animals have names. We pet them, hug them, and sometimes we drive them to the processor. But some of them, we get to keep and they have cute babies! 

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